Maxine Thompson — Chef and Founder of PolkaPants

With the increasing amount of female chefs who work in kitchens, cater at private events and generally take pride in their appearance, there is now a market for a more stylish chef uniforms. Female chef coats have evolved to become more tailored, however the only trousers out there are baggy, unflattering and aimed at a unisex market — until PolkaPants!    

Over her years in the kitchen, Australian-born, London-based chef Maxine Thompson found herself frustrated at the unbecoming trousers she and her fellow female cooks had to wear, so she began sketching the ideal female chef trouser - one designed for functionality and comfort, but also for style.

The name PolkaPants originates from a pair of beloved polka dot trousers that Maxine first made when she studied fashion design and wore whilst working as a freelance chef.   The design of the PolkaPants trousers is inspired by the Utility Scheme clothing of the 40s - simple, robust and functional. They’re a tailored, slim-fit make, with a classic high waist and cropped at the ankle, and available in black, hounds tooth or polka dots (the signature style).  All trousers are made from fabric that is 97% cotton with a 3% stretch for ease of movement in the busy kitchen.  

Custom PolkaPants are available on request, contact us here for custom orders.

PolkaPants are proudly made in London