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Q&A with Grace Regan, founder of Spice Box

Q&A with Grace Regan, founder of Spice Box

After a successful run on the street food circuit, Grace Regan decided Spice Box a permanent home and opened her vegan curry house in Walthamstow in London (UK) in 2019.

This week we chat with her about London, Spice and all things nice. 



Where do you live: In East London between Shoreditch and Bethnal Green. I love it because its close to Columbia Road which is famous for its Sunday flower market. It's a pretty special area, I'm very lucky!

Where do you work: At our curry house in Walthamstow, our unit and office in Leyton or cafes around Shoreditch. We're looking for a second curry house at the moment so I'm also spending a lot of time on the road. 

How did you get into cooking? By watching cooking shows with my Mum when growing up. I'm lucky to have grown up in the golden age of the cooking and travel show - late 90s/early noughties - Ready Steady Cook, OG Masterchef, Jamie, Nigella, Rick Stein etc. What a time to be alive!

What item of food best describes your personality: I've got to say a chilli - I've got 'stay spicy' tattooed on my arm and it's my life motto as well as the SpiceBox motto! To me, staying spicy is about staying energised, relevant, curious and adventurous. If I'm all these things all my life, I'll die a happy woman! I think I'd go with a long thin green Indian chilli over red though. I love to cook with them - they have this amazing fresh flavor and a strong sharp heat that doesn't linger too long so it doesn't overpower other flavors. 

Favourite thing to do on your day off (apart from sleep!): I love getting outside - ideally to the countryside or by the sea. When in London, I love walking to Broadway market, buying some delicious produce and cooking a meal for my friends at home. 

What Polka’s do you have: The Classic Houndstooth.

Top recommendation for food in your city: Indian food aside, one of my favourite styles of cuisine is middle-easter-meets-southern-Mediterranean, so I am a HUGE fan of Morro and Morito. The Morito on Hackney rd near me does vegan Mondays. I went there recently - hands down the best vegan meal I've had in London for a long time. I also love Honey and Co and Honey & Smoke.

Biggest inspiration: I get a lot of my inspiration from traveling. There is something about that distance from your daily routine which opens up space for original thought and perspective on life. 

Instagram/ twitter account: @eatspicebox - I don't have any personal social media accounts!

Grace wears our Classic Houndstooth

Grace has previously shared her recipe for Chana Masala on our blog - the perfect recipe to cook from pantry staples! 




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