Aprons: DOT

DOT - For elegance every day

DOT is a collection of beautiful bespoke aprons to be worn at home. Our aprons are designed to instil an air of glamour to your every day routine, to add joy to your weekend brunch at home or become the finishing touch to your dinner party outfit.   

The collection is comprised around three main elements; colours texture and pattern.

These elements form three stories, The Frill Story, Texture Of and Butchers Stripe.

The Frill Story is a homage to the hyper feminine fashion we are seeing at the moment. Big frill, bright block colours, fun and fabulous - just as you will be when you wear them.

Chefs often talk about the perfect meal being a balance of textures as well as flavours. The Textures Of story takes influence from this premise, creating a perfectly balance apron with different textures and prints of lace and fabrics.

The Navy & White Butcher Stripe Apron is classically the most worn style apron by chefs around the final story is our take on these. The difference, our collection is produced with the offcuts and scrapes of fabric create by the manufacturing of the Frill and Textures Of stories.

Each piece in The Butcher Stripe collection is unique, based on the materials available. They are also hand made to order by founder, Maxine Thompson.